Pierre Fabre 


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Pierre Fabre 

From Health to Beauty


The Pierre Fabre group is the second largest independent French pharmaceutical laboratory with a sales turnover of over €1.5 billion and 9000 employees. The group splits its activity between therapeutic drugs (oncology, cardiology and urology), health products and dermo-cosmetics.


Its branch Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique (€665 million and 3500 employees) is one of the leaders in the European dermo-cosmetics market with reputed brands such as Avène, Ducray, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, Galénic, Klorane or René Furterer. It is underpinned by its strong pharmaceutical culture and know-how with a rigorous approach to dermatology products. This makes the laboratory at the forefront of innovative cosmetology at the service of the health and beauty industry and a privileged partner for dermatologists and pharmacists.

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